Drive World 112: Huntington, NY – Business Activities to Watch in 2023

Huntington is poised for economic growth and exciting developments across several key industries. From downtown revitalization to tech startups and life sciences, let’s look at some of the major business stories expected to unfold in Huntington in 2023.

Downtown Huntington Renaissance

Huntington’s downtown area has seen a rebirth in recent years that is expected to continue flourishing in 2023. Once a sleepy downtown, Main Street and the surrounding blocks have welcomed new restaurants, shops, a luxury movie theater, a food market showcasing local products, and a craft brewery in a restored historical building.

Several mixed-use developments combining retail, office space, and apartments are in the works. These projects will drive more foot traffic downtown, to the benefit of local businesses. Ongoing efforts like the weekly farmer’s market and seasonal outdoor concerts will maintain downtown’s momentum as a vibrant community hub.


Drive World 112

On the automotive front, Drive World 112 remains a staple in Huntington. This long-standing used car dealership on Jericho Turnpike offers Huntington area residents a large selection of used vehicles along with financing and other services. As it heads into 2023, Drive World 112 will look to build on its reputation for quality used cars and excellent customer service.

Emerging Tech Startup Scene

Beyond its traditional industries, Huntington is gaining traction as a magnet for tech startups across Long Island. Initiatives like the nonprofit Huntington Hub provide affordable office space, networking events, and access to investors for early-stage companies.

The Hub and other coworking spaces in town have succeeded in attracting startups, entrepreneurs, and developers from not just Huntington but also farther east on Long Island and the NYC boroughs. With a supportive business climate, Huntington’s startup scene is poised for continued expansion in 2023. New tech companies will diversify the local economy.

Life Sciences Development

The life sciences sector presents another area of expected growth in Huntington this year. A New Jersey developer announced plans in 2022 to construct a large biotechnology campus including lab space, research facilities, and manufacturing capabilities.

With groundbreaking slated for late 2023, the campus has already generated buzz among pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and other life science organizations on the hunt for new facilities. Landing a few high-profile anchor tenants could solidify Huntington as a top biotech hub.

Infrastructure Investment

To support business growth across the area, Huntington has major infrastructure projects in store for 2023. The town aims to widen Route 110 to reduce traffic congestion near Huntington Station. Sewer system upgrades are also planned to open access for new development.

The public projects signal that Huntington is investing for the future and preparing for an influx of new residents and companies. Infrastructure lays the groundwork for sustaining economic gains.

Positive Momentum

With activity across downtown, the tech scene, life sciences, infrastructure, and at legacy companies like Drive World 112, Huntington appears primed for a standout 2023. The mix of innovation and investment bodes well for local job creation, expanded housing and amenities, and overall quality of life.

As Huntington flexes its strengths as a business-friendly community, locals have much to look forward to in the year ahead. The future looks bright for this Long Island town.